NPA Lawyers & Consultant features a dedicated service and advisory, which deals with issues associated with Landlord-Tenant disputes for our clients. As a part of our Landlord – Tenant dispute advisory, we offer our clients compendious coverage with competence and transparency in representation for all such cases. we’ve got a team of dedicated lawyers pans India to take care of matters even though an overseas citizen can’t be physically present. ranging from the investigation and information collection involved within the entire case to the particular execution i.e. case filing, representing litigation, managing litigation, for getting the property vacated, we take care of everything end-to-end for our clients. Our team of expert property dispute lawyers solve these cases and restore our client’s rights, without the client having that much trouble.

Why Choose Us!

We have expertise and experience in Tenancy & Landlord Laws. Also have expert lawyers, fast support, legal consultation at very affordable  price.

Expert Lawyer

Our advocates and lawyers are expert of their fields. They have good record of handling Tenancy & Landlord cases.

Legal Consultation

We provide you consultation for your legal problems to build your confidence and legal strength.

Fast Support

We promise to provide you quick and fast support and solutions to your legal problems related to Tenancy & Landlord.

Affordable Cost

We promise to provide you best quality Tenancy & Landlord services within very reasonable & affordable price.

We have indepth knowledge of prevailing tenancy laws & we provide effective services & quitence to landlords, tenants, licensors, licensees, leassor, leassee, etc.

Our team of expert and qualified lawyers help our clients to understand their problems and also help them to get quick solution to their tenancy and landlord problems.

Our overview

NPA Lawyers and Consultants has an excellent reputation for its integrity and value based proactive and innovative legal advice and its ability to help clients effectively traverse the complicated legal and regulatory regime in India. With offices in Delhi, Calcutta and Pune, NPA Lawyers & Consultant has grown rapidly on the strength of its expertise to a multi-disciplinary team including 4 partners. We are modern and inclusive in our outlook, and have a solution oriented approach.

We are NPA Lawyers and Consultants based in Mumbai having associate offices in Delhi, Calcutta, and Pune. NPA Lawyers & Consultant’s strength lies in the quality of its lawyers and services. Their depth of specialization is combined with breadth of experience and a keen commercial focus. Our advocates have good experience and expertise in their domains.

The mission of The NPA Lawyers & Consultants is to assist clients to achieve their goals by providing top quality, ethically sound legal counsel and strategic advice. Our mission is to work with clients to know their objectives, resolve their current legal issues and proactively anticipate and prevent future problems. We are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and a focus to detail.

Our vision is to supply our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. we try to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness as if we were representing ourselves. We focus our attention on the legal aspects of our client’s business in order that our clients can focus their attention on the success of their business. Our vision reflects our excellence, integrity, service, and teamwork (i.e. our value).